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Alana you see but you do not observe.


hannigram au | alpha/omega verse

will graham is a criminal profiler that works for jack crawford, an alpha who’s bought will off from his poor parents in louisiana by paying his necessary dowry. instead of mating him, though, jack hires him to work under him at the behavioral analysis unit, having noticed of his exceptional ability to empathize with serial killers. 

he’s an omega, though, and, in order to keep working without getting his regular heats and attention from other alphas, takes drugs to suppresses his urges ( that makes him smell like a beta ). a problem soon arises, and hannibal lecter, a thoroughbred alpha with dual dominant alleles, comes to the rescue. he volunteers himself to be will’s alpha, much to the omega’s distress.

he ends up paying will’s dowry in full ( one hundred thousand dollars ) and takes the omega as his own. 



Mads Mikkelsen for Flaunt magazine | video here


Mads Mikkelsen - Flaunt Magazine